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vSphere Web Client

Tools to correlate MOID and inventory object names in VMware vSphere

What is the best way to collect vSphere log files?

VMware vSphere 6 Update 1 brings new features to vCenter

Working with the vSphere 6.0 Web client

How to stop worrying and learn to love the new vSphere Web Client

Is there a vSphere Client for Linux and Mac?

If you are using a Linux-based pc or Mac OS X and want to manage a vSphere-environment then you might ask yourself the question if there is a native OS-version of the vSphere Client available for your platform.

The short answer is: no.

Import a vCenter Server Linux Appliance with the vSphere Web Client

When you need to import a vCenter Linux-based appliance there are two clients that you can use to perform this task. Your best choice is the vSphere Web Client but that will only be available if you already have vCenter running. So that will only be possible for a second or more vCenter server. When you need to import your first vCenter appliance the client you must use is the vSphere Client on Windows. (How to do that is explained here.)

Finding virtual machines that need a hardware upgrade