vSphere Operate, Scale and Secure v8

General useful links

VMware Configuration Maximums Tool


Configure ProductLocker on multiple hosts with PowerCLI:




Storage Operations

The Basics of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) in vSphere

Storage Hardware Acceleration in vSphere

vSphere Hardware Acceleration for Block Storage Devices (Contains esxcli vaai command examples)

PureStorage ActiveCluster and VAAI



Manually increasing the heap memory on vCenter Server components in vCenter (2150757)

vCenter Data Collection Levels

vCenter Server upgrades with the reduced downtime (92659)


VMware Security Hardening Guides and how to check compliance

Runecast - Automate Your VMware Security Configuration Guide Compliance

Configuring and Using Smart Card Authentication for vCenter 

Configuring vCenter Server Identity Provider Federation

Aandachtspunt bij vervangen van Enterprise CA certificate: "Signed certificate could not be retrieved due to a start time error" when adding ESXi host to vCenter Server 6.0 (2123386)


Trust and Encryption

Stappen voor backup en vervangen van hardware en TPM



vSphere Trust Authority


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