VMware Certified Associate

VMware Certified AssociateVMware has introduced a new certification: VMware Certified Associate.

This certification is an entry-level program. It is available in Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV), Cloud (VCA-Cloud) and Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM). If you are VCA-Certified you have proven to understand VMware-technology and you can join in discussions on VMware product design and the decision making process around virtualization. The next level of virtualization is VMware Certified Professional (VCP) also available in the areas mentioned before. But for a VCP we expect that you know everything there is to know about VMware technology to successfully install, configure and manage a VMware-environment. To become a VCP training and practical experience are required. VCA is a good first step towards VCP certification because not only do you learn about VMware technology but you also become more experienced in training for a certification program and taking an exam. 



Free Self-paced training

For each area of VMware technology for which VCA is available there is also a free on-line Fundamentals training available. Your best starting point to read more about the certification and to register for the free eLearning is at www.vmware.com/certification. The free eLearning modules will remain free of charge forever.

To learn more about the certification and the exam and to register for the exam visit www.vmware.com/certification

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