Export a virtual machine from vCenter in OVA-format with the VMware OVFTool

When using the vSphere Client it is only possible to export a virtual machine as a template in OVF-format. Exporting in OVA-format is not supported at the moment. This functionality has been removed since vSphere 6.5 (documentation).

It is however possible to export a virtual machine in the OVA-format with the VMware OVFtool via the command line. 

Download the OVFtool from VMware and install it on your platform. In this example it was installed on a Windows machine.

Help for ovftool is available with the -h parameter, including many examples. Here is the command I used to export a machine from vCenter to an OVA-file:


ovftool.exe --noSSLVerify --targetType=OVA vi://administrator@vsphere.local@ "c:\temp\QA-Centos.ova"

In this command is the vCenter server's IP-address. Note the vm part in the virtual machine path right after the datacenter name. You will not see this folder in the vCenter Server inventory but it is there nevertheless. 


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