Virtual Machine Configuration

How to change the network adapter to VMXNET3 for a Windows guest

VMware offers several types of virtual network adapters that you can add to your virtual machines. Depending on the operating system you install it will select a default adapter when you create a VM. For Windows the default adapter type is the Intel E1000. There is however an adapter that will give you a better performance, which is the VMware VMXNET3 adapter. More information about choosing the right adapter, supported operating systems and the performance benefits of this adapter can be found in these locations:

Updating virtual machine tools and hardware with Update Manager

Update Manager is available for all VMware vSphere customers that also run vCenter. It is a separate install on a Windows server that allows administrators to patch and upgrade ESXi-hosts but also to update virtual machines to the latest version of the VMware Tools and new virtual hardware. In this article I focus on these last two features.

Note: As a prerequisite for this article you need to have vCenter Server and Update Manager already installed.

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