VMware Appliance default usernames and passwords

VMware offers many appliances for their products. Unfortunately they are not all created equally. The installation and configuration procedures differ for most appliances and also the default usernames and passwords are different throughout the range of appliances. So here is a list of default usernames and passwords. For as far as I know them, if you miss one please let me know and I will add it to this list.

Appliance name (all versions unless specified differently) user password
vCenter Server Appliance  root vmware
vSphere Data Protection  root changeme
vSphere Management Assistant vi-admin vmware
vCenter Operations Manager Appliance administrative user for UI-login admin admin
vCenter Operations Manager Appliance root user  root vmware
vShield Manager admin default
vSphere Replication root <*>
vCloud Director 5.5 root / guest <*>
vCloud Connector (server and node) admin vmware
Horizon Workspace root / admin <*>
vCenter Orchestrator Appliance Configuration vmware <*>

<*> for some appliances you configure the password during the OVA or OVF deployment.

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