Free vSphere 5.5 What's New training available

VMware has released a free on-line eLearning module that explains the new features in version 5.5. This one hour module will walk you through new features. You will learn what the new hardware maximums are for your host and for virtual machines and what is new in VM hardware level 10. Other features that are covered in the training are:


VMware Appliance default usernames and passwords

VMware offers many appliances for their products. Unfortunately they are not all created equally. The installation and configuration procedures differ for most appliances and also the default usernames and passwords are different throughout the range of appliances. So here is a list of default usernames and passwords. For as far as I know them, if you miss one please let me know and I will add it to this list.


Using SQL Express for the Horizon View Event and Composer databases

The purpose of this article is to explain how to use Microsoft SQL Express to create a database server for the VMware Horizon View Event Database and the Composer database. In a production environment you should use one of the supported databases (MS-SQL or Oracle). But when setting up a proof of concept or a test environment (for example for educational purposes) a SQL Express database will also suffice.


Import a vCenter Server Linux Appliance with the vSphere Web Client

When you need to import a vCenter Linux-based appliance there are two clients that you can use to perform this task. Your best choice is the vSphere Web Client but that will only be available if you already have vCenter running. So that will only be possible for a second or more vCenter server. When you need to import your first vCenter appliance the client you must use is the vSphere Client on Windows. (How to do that is explained here.)

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