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Horizon View

3 ways to implement vSphere GPU virtualization

VMware Horizon Manual Floating pool with two users in AD group for computer management

A customer asked if it is possible to allow AD users to manage an existing virtual machine through an HTML connection. In this short video I am showing this setup with two VMs (each in their own pool) that can be accessed by two individual users that are members of an AD Group. To accomplish this you would have to create a Manual Floating pool with 1 VM per pool that can be accessed by multiple users (not simultaneously). Use a manual pool to make sure VMs are not deleted or otherwise managed by Horizon.

Integrating VMC on AWS with Horizon 7 leads to new use cases

VMware Horizon 7.6 includes vGPU vMotion, QoS for Blast Extreme

Horizon View 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 add flexibility to features

Horizon 7 Smart Policies helps increase security

VMware broadens its horizons with new Horizon 7 features

Horizon View Direct-Connection Plugin streamlines configuration

Disable or customize Horizon View 5.3 Portal download links with HTML access

Disable or customize Horizon View Portal download links with HTML access

With VMware View and a zero client, is RTAV or USB redirection better?

How do you get to View VMs after migration to the cloud?

Using SQL Express for the Horizon View Event and Composer databases

The purpose of this article is to explain how to use Microsoft SQL Express to create a database server for the VMware Horizon View Event Database and the Composer database. In a production environment you should use one of the supported databases (MS-SQL or Oracle). But when setting up a proof of concept or a test environment (for example for educational purposes) a SQL Express database will also suffice.

Reclaiming disk space in VMware View with the SE Sparse disk format

What features should a Horizon View thin client have?

Enabling HTML access to VMware View 5.2 virtual desktops with Blast

Ways to investigate and fix VMware View Connection Server issues

The vdmadmin utility puts the VMware View administrator in command