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Set timeout to 0 for VMware products

The vSphere Client and vSphere Web Client in the vCenter Appliance both have a timeout of 120 minutes. vRealize Automation has a timeout of 30 minutes. When I am teaching VMware classes the client always has just timed out when I want to demonstrate something to my students and I then have to re-login. So therefor I always configure the timeout to 0 (no timeout) at the start of each class. It is documented here how to do that:

New web site for VMware ports overview launched

VMware has released a new web site that conveniently contains all used ports per product. Not all products are covered yet but let's hope that's a matter of time. Here is an example of ports for NSX for vSphere with a filter that shows the ports used when ESXi is the source. This allows you to conveniently find the used ports per component.

3 ways to implement vSphere GPU virtualization

Get to know VMware's vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

VMware Horizon Manual Floating pool with two users in AD group for computer management

A customer asked if it is possible to allow AD users to manage an existing virtual machine through an HTML connection. In this short video I am showing this setup with two VMs (each in their own pool) that can be accessed by two individual users that are members of an AD Group. To accomplish this you would have to create a Manual Floating pool with 1 VM per pool that can be accessed by multiple users (not simultaneously). Use a manual pool to make sure VMs are not deleted or otherwise managed by Horizon.

vSAN: No witness! No problem?

When you study how vSAN works then you will read about how objects are backed by one or more components. This is dependent on the fault tolerance level and what you would also read is that a tie-breaker witness will be created. This is to make sure that when a network partition occurs, servers in a network partition can decide whether or not they together hold more than 50% of the necessary components and/or witnesses. 


Free VCAP6-NV Certification Exam Prep

VMware has announced a free on-line Exam Prep course for the VCAP-NV certification. If you have experience with VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere and would like to prepare to take the practical VCAP Deployment exam then this free on-line course is a good starting point.

More information and links to register can be found here.

Integrating VMC on AWS with Horizon 7 leads to new use cases

Explore VMC on AWS pricing, features and use cases with a trial run

VMware Horizon 7.6 includes vGPU vMotion, QoS for Blast Extreme

Why aren't I seeing DRS load-balancing recommendations?

VMware vRealize Automation 7.4 adds detailed customization

How do you reconfigure access to a VMkernel port?

VMware NSX 6.4 introduces upgrade planner, HTML5 features

How do you enable centralized vCenter logging?

How do you prevent host isolation during network maintenance?

Set up a vSAN 2-node cluster for small or remote deployments

NSX-T 2.1 features are nearly on par with NSX for vSphere

Tools to correlate MOID and inventory object names in VMware vSphere

Use SpoofGuard to defend against malicious activity in VMware NSX

Why DRS Should Run Rules are better than anti-affinity rules in small clusters

The Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) allows vSphere Administrators to use rules to enforce virtual machine placement on cluster nodes. An example of such a rule is in the image below with a rule to reparate two domain controllers so that they won't run on the same vSphere host.

DRS Anti Affinity Rule

Configure Permissions for vRealize Orchestrator with AD

vRealize Orchestrator allows you to configure permissions for users in your authentication domain to access your vRO deployment with different types of access. While you might want administrators to access your workflows from the vSphere Web Client sometimes there will still be users that need access with the vRO client. One example is a group of developers that you only want to allow access to one or just a few folders in your vRO environment.

VCAP6 Deployment Exam Interface Tips & Tricks

Are you planning to take one of the four available VMware Certified Advanced Professional Deployment Exams? Then I suggest that you access the following web page and familiarize yourself with how the exam interface works. This prevents you from losing precious time during the exam. Dave Davis has done a very good job demonstrating how the interface works.


VMware uses machine learning algorithms for proactive problem solving

Integrate vRealize Log Insight and NSX for centralized logging

What is the best way to collect vSphere log files?

Use VMware Host Profiles to create consistent configuration settings

Configure Syslog server for NSX Controller with HTTP REST and vRealize Orchestrator

For many NSX components you can easily configure a syslog server, such as vRealize Log Insight. This however is not simple and straightforward for the NSX Controller Nodes. For those components this setting has to be configured via the NSX API via HTTP REST. In this article I explain how to use vRealize Orchestrator to accomplish this task.

The syntax and procedure are described in two locations:

Remove snapshots without issue by being prepared

Comparing and contrasting vSphere PowerCLI and vRealize Orchestrator